Remax – Tablet & Phone Repair Stevenage

Welcome to Remax. We provide same day tablet and smart phone repair Stevenage. Don’t bother sending your phone away in to a mail in service that takes 3-5 days, if you’ve just broken your phone you’ll soon realise that’s just too long to be without your phone. Our smart phone repairs in Stevenage are same day and many will only take half an hour! Also if you’re considering claiming on your £10 a month phone insurance, the excess is often the same or more than a repair with us! And you can be without your phone for up to 2 weeks! Click here for prices on tablet or phone repair Stevenage.

We fix a wide range of makes and models including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia and more.

All Repairs Guaranteed*phone repair stevenage

6 Months Warranty is provided on all our repairs. If components develop issues we will replace them no questions asked. As long as they haven’t been physically damaged.

*guarantees can’t be made on devices that have been water damaged, even if unrelated to the repair.

Privacy is VERY important to us!

Unlike other repair services we do NOT ask for your screen unlock code unless it is totally necessary I.E. a WiFi repair. A straight forward screen repair does not require entry to the phone. All related components can be tested without access. Please be advised if no code is given other components cannot be tested.

Piece of Mind

Phone repair shops have a very bad reputation for being dishonest and producing low quality, rushed work. Particularly phone repair stevenage. The quality of our work is of paramount importance, as is good communication with our customers. Simply call or walk in and speak to our staff and you will be very confident you are in the right place.

If you are looking for Phone Repair in St Albans visit TechMedicsRepair.com